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Pack it in, Pack it out (Read 860 times)
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Pack it in, Pack it out
Oct 5th, 2011 at 8:05am
Reprint from www.uafwda.org

Pack it in, Pack it out is just a saying to remind recreationists what to do about waste management outdoors. It is not an actual “program”, but a very
important state of mind.
Through Pack it in, Pack it out, UFWDA asks all our members to take away from their 4×4 event or trail ride
anything they brought to their 4×4 event or trail ride. Trash cans are rarely available in the middle of the woods, out on the rocks, and deep into the bush. By removing trash and waste that recreationists take onto the trail they will leave the environment in as good or better condition than they found it.
At UFWDA we ask that you Pack it in, Pack it out by
practicing these steps:
• Bring trash bags with you so you can carry out your food and paper waste. Even something organic like a banana peel can take 3 or 4 weeks to decompose. Plastic and aluminum can take 10 years or longer to decompose.
• Do not bury food scraps, pack them out.
• Remove your solid human waste. You can make this process easier when you prepared before you go. If you are not using a commercial backcountry toileting system you can walk a distance from the trail and dig an appropriately deep “cat hole” for your solid waste and then bury your waste with dirt. If you’re rest area is near water buried waste is not appropriate so take your waste with you
using a plastic bag. Toilet paper waste should always be removed. Remember, the fly you see at dinner is the same fly that may have landed nearby where others have left their waste!
• When you take a break to eat take a few extra minutes and remove not only your own trash but trash left behind by others.

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