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SV4WRC Forum....why? (Read 1414 times)
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SV4WRC Forum....why?
Jun 29th, 2008 at 9:12pm
That's the question some are asking....What the??  However there are quite a few of us who know what it's all about Grin

Figured it was about time to start this since the last time I counted there are as many as 14 people I know who are either SV4W members or friends of mine who now have some type of RC Crawler.

I started tinkering with these a few years ago with some Traxxas Emaxx trucks that I modded for Adam and myself and turned them into "Crawlers" vs. the "racing" trucks they were designed to be. At that time the only way to build a Crawler was to do what I did or custom fab something using pieces/parts. Now there are a few different Kits and RTR trucks available which have been on the market for the past year with more coming.

I put two of the Axial AX10's together in April and since then the more people who see them and play with them...well you get the picture Wink....needless to say these dam things are addicting Grin .

And BTW why do I keep getting blamed everytime someone buys one Kiss Tongue

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Re: SV4WRC Forum....why?
Reply #1 - Jul 6th, 2008 at 11:32am
you get blamed because its your falt Grin

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